The issue which had already been decided on by the Constitutional Court

In its decisions nos. AP 624/04 of 28 June 2005 and AP 1617/05 of 20 October 2006 respectively, the Constitutional Court resolved the appeals in which the appellant challenged the same decisions that have been challenged in this appeal. Therefore, the Constitutional Court concluded that the matter was related to the same issues the Constitutional Court had already decided and it follows that the allegations and evidence presented in the appeal cannot be the basis for taking a new decision.
•    Decision on Admissibility No. AP 1384/07 of 12 June 2008, paragraph 8

The Constitutional Court concludes that the present case concerns the issue it had already decided about, namely the appeals wherein the appellants raised the issue of the violation of rights to adoption of decisions within a reasonable time limit in the cases, which, at the time of lodging appeals, had not been completed before ordinary courts, and that there was no basis for new decision-making before the expiry of the time limit given to the mentioned subjects to undertake ordered measures. Following the expiry of this time limit the Constitutional Court will consider the enforcement of orders referred to in its decisions.
•    Decision on Admissibility No. AP 1356/17 of 6 November 2017, paragraph 83; undertaking adequate measures with a view to observing the standards of adopting decisions within a reasonable time limit