In general, the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court is defined under Article IV(3) Article VI(3) and Article VI(4) of the Constitution. Within its overriding duty to 'uphold' the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to these constitutional provisions, it is about seven types of jurisdiction, which ultimately implies distinct proceedings and distinct decisions depending on the type of jurisdiction and the nature of the dispute.

Essentially, the distinction between these various types of jurisdiction is based on the extent to which the Constitutional Court, in addition to the classical task of upholding constitutionality, also has, in certain types of disputes, a more direct relation with the judicial or legislative authority concerned.

Review of constitutionality of laws

(Article VI(3)(a) of the Constitution)


Appellate Jurisdiction

(Article VI(3)(b) of the Constitution)


Referral of an issue by other courts

(Article VI(3)(c) of the Constitution)


Unblocking the Parliamentary Assembly

(Article IV(3)(f) of the Constitution)