The appeal is not amended/specified

Upon the request of the Constitutional Court to amend/specify his appeal, the appellant’s legal representative has just repeated the general statements from the appeal without making reference to the appellant’s rights under the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina which he deems to have been violated and failing to submit the evidence on which the appellant based his appeal.
• Decision on Admissibility No. U 7/03 of 23 April 2004, paragraph 6

As to the case at hand, the appeal did not contain the necessary elements from Article 19(2)(1) and (2) of the Rules of the Constitutional Court and the appellants failed to amend/specify their appeal within the given time/limit thus causing the appeal to be
rejected as inadmissible.
• Decision on Admissibility No. AP 902/05 of 12 April 2006, paragraphs 5 and 6
• Decision on Admissibility No. AP 964/05 of 12 April 2006, paragraph 4