In general

The Constitutional Court finds that there is no violation of the rights referred to in Article II(3)(g) and Article II(4) of the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the right under Article 9 in conjunction with Article 14 of the European Convention, as, given the circumstances of a particular case, there is nothing to indicate that the public authorities exceeded the margin of appreciation in shaping the cooperation with religious communities and that by the manner in which the churches and religious communities were funded the appellant was brought in an unequal and discriminatory position when compared with other churches and religious communities.
•    Decision on Admissibility and Merits No. AP 2575/13 of 26 October 2016, paragraph 74, published in the Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 87/16; there is no violation of Article 9 of the European Convention and II(3)(g) of the Constitution of BiH