What are the steps in the appeal process?

The Constitutional Court considers the cases in a chronological order, with the exception of the cases referred to in Article 25 of its Rules, which stipulates, inter alia, an urgent procedure in cases concerning the requests lodged on the basis of Article IV(3)(f) of the Constitution, electoral rights and the decisions on interim measures. However, the work on the cases where the Constitutional Court takes decisions on admissibility has a different pace from those where it takes a decision on merits.

In determining the order in which to deal with the cases, the Constitutional Court will consider the importance and urgency of the issues raised, based on the criteria it has established itself (for instance, the cases relating to the status issue of children, deprivation of liberty, extraditions and evictions are to be dealt with, urgently). The President of the Constitutional Court may give priority to a particular request/appeal (Article 25 of the Rules).