What is the procedure before the Court?

After the registration of your appeal, as a rule, information about it is sent to the e-mail address you indicated in the appeal. Your appeal will have a registration number to which you should refer to in further communication with the Court.

The Constitutional Court shall send the request/appeal to the author of the challenged act for giving the latter an opportunity to reply or submit documents.

The Constitutional Court shall submit the appeal to the respondent party to the proceedings that resulted in the judgment/decision challenged by the appeal, for giving that party an opportunity to submit a reply.

A failure to submit a reply to the request/appeal shall not affect the course of the proceedings before the Constitutional Court, which will base its decision on the submitted information, which were not challenged by other parties to the proceedings.

As a rule, during the decision-making procedure, the Constitutional Court shall examine the existence of only those violations that are stated in the request/appeal (Article 23 and Article 31 of the Rules).