Regional cooperation

The Constitutional Court cooperates on a regular basis with the regional constitutional courts both bilaterally and by participating and organising regional conferences.

In 2003, the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina initiated a gathering of the constitutional courts created in the aftermath of the dissolution of the SFRY.

The aim of that initiative was the exchange of experience, views and case-law related to the application of law in the field of the rule of law, protection of and respect for human rights and fundamental freedom and establishment of expert cooperation in relation to other issues being of common interest and importance to the constitutional courts of the countries in transition, the common features of which are the beginning of constitutional judiciary and the basis thereof.

As the initiative was accepted, the first roundtable discussion of the constitutional courts of the countries created following the dissolution of the SFRY was held in Sarajevo from 20 to 22 May 2004. Its topic was the “Transition Experiences of the Constitutional Courts, with a Special Focus on the Protection of Human Rights”. The representatives of the Constitutional Courts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro attended the roundtable discussion. This was the beginning of the cooperation, which has been successful since.  

Regional cooperation

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