Press Release

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina is pleased to announce the launch of the new website. Our new website boasts a faster and simpler way of providing all necessary information about the work of the Constitutional Court to all types of users.

In addition to a new design, which allows users to have access to clear, simple and easy search functions for all relevant information, the new webpage boasts access to both the existing and updated content. The new design is also fully responsive on mobile devices.

As posting of all the decisions of the Constitutional Court on a regular basis has increased the size of its database, we have improved and enhanced the search functions enabling the users to search the case-law. The drop-down menu “Case-Law” also provides a contact form for users to make suggestions for further enhancement of the case-law search function.  

A separate, simple and intuitive module for the electronic communication is also provided to the lawyers who signed a Protocol on the Electronic Documents Communication with the Constitutional Court. In addition to its basic function of electronic exchange of documents, this module represents an easy practical tool facilitating the work of lawyers as it arranges the received and sent documents for easy viewing. In addition, it enables the users to search those documents based on several criteria.

The webpage of the Constitutional Court has been developed owing to the support of the AIRE Centre Western Balkans Program. This solidifies already successful cooperation of the Constitutional Court with the AIRE Centre, which has provided its support for the number of trainings, seminars and publications throughout the years. The Constitutional Court takes this opportunity to express its gratitude for the support provided by the AIRE Centre.

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