145. plenarna sjednica

On 19 June 2024, The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina held its 145th electronic plenary session. At this session, the Constitutional Court decided on a large number of appeals related to violations of the right to a fair trial within a reasonable time, whereby it was established that some proceedings before ordinary courts and administrative bodies have been going on for 10 years and have not yet been concluded.

Several decisions were adopted by which appeals were dismissed due to the lack of jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court; because the 60-day deadline for filing an appeal has passed; because they are premature, bearing in mind that the proceedings is in progress upon the filed revision appeal or other extraordinary legal remedy; or because they were submitted by an unauthorized person (a person without power of attorney) or the request for review of constitutionality was submitted by a person who is not authorized to do so under the Constitution of BiH; or because the appellant did not exhaust all the legal remedies available by law; or for other reasons under Article 18 of the Rules of the Constitutional Court.

All decisions adopted at the plenary session will be published on the website of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and delivered to the appellants no later than one month after their adoption.

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