Press release

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been exposed to various political attacks and pressures for years. In the last year and a half, those pressures have reached a point of culmination where the vacant judicial positions have not been filled and where pressure was exerted on one judge to leave the Constitutional Court and retire prematurely. In addition, lies have been spread about the work of the Court by some, but fortunately only few media.

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina operates in a legal and transparent manner. This is shown by all financial reports, reports on financial audits and all other official documents that are public and published on the official website of the Constitutional Court.

It is correct that the Constitutional Court has been drawing the attention of all relevant institutions for years that it is an unacceptable practice for executive authorities to regulate issues concerning the organization, work and operations of the Constitutional Court by means of by-laws, especially where such acts substantively encroach on the autonomy and independence of the Constitutional Court. This was and will be the position of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the future.

The Constitutional Court expresses its satisfaction that its work has earned citizens' trust, which has been increasing over the years. The above is confirmed by the increasing caseload, which comes equally from both entities and from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This indicates that the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina have confidence in the Constitutional Court. This represents satisfaction and encouragement for the Constitutional Court of BiH to continue exercising its constitutional function despite political pressures.

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