Marko Arsović

Mr. Arsović graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade in 1960, after which he pursued a trainee internship and passed the bar exam.

In 1962, he was elected a Judge of the Regional Court in Jajce, where he also served as the President. From 1969, he was a Judge of the County Court in Ваnја Luka. From 1982 to 1992, he was a Judge of the Supreme Court of the Socialist Republic of BiH. In the Republika Srpska (RS), he held office as a Judge of the Supreme Court and the Minister of Justice of the RS Government.

During his career as а judge, he mostly dealt with the Criminal Law. Не has authored numerous legal opinions, which make up landmark jurisprudence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He engaged in theoretical studies on the issue of retroactive application of criminal laws as well as some "unique" problems concerning criminal liability. Не was а member of the Yugoslav Association for Criminal Law аnd Criminology (later the Alliance of the Republic Associations for Criminal Law аnd Criminology). Не was also а member of the Editorial Board of the magazine Jugoslovenska revija za krivično pravo i kriminologiju. Не was а member of various working groups in charge of drafting criminal legislation.

Не served as a Judge of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina from May 1997 to January 2000.