137th session of the Grand Chamber

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has held today its regular 137th session of the Grand Chamber.

Of decisions it adopted today, for illustration, the Constitutional Court has singled out the following:

AP 4328/20 -  The Constitutional Court concluded that there has been a  violation of a right to a fair trial when in the circumstances of the present case, the appellant’s right, as guaranteed by law, to a court’s decision on the existence of misdemeanour offence, the appellant’s misdemeanour liability and sanction, was made illusive. The violation was found as the regular courts, deciding on the appellant's proposal for restitutio in integrum, have clearly made an arbitrary application of the relevant law provision thus preventing the appellant from having a decision on the merits as to his misdemeanour offence liability.

All decisions adopted at today’s plenary session will be delivered to the appellants within one month and posted at the earliest possible date on the website of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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